Rod Williams  “Everything & More” Label: Rod Williams Saxophonist Rod Williams certainly does everything and more, not only as the featured artist but also as a producer and arranger for his latest release. This double CD is jam-packed with enough smooth, soulful sounds to satisfy your every mood.  An East Coast musician, Mr. Williams gives us his all on his 3rd time out, holding nothing back. Versatality as a player, Rod Williams captures his signature sound using his  saxophones to deliver a laid back vacation to his audience. In opening the CD he starts slow and mellow, helping the listener relax so they can easily take time to enjoy “After the Storm,” “Touched,” “As the Wind Blows,” and “The Jazz Life” with his tenor singing the rich melodies that hint at an island retreat.  The first disc starts to wake to a groove with “When I Saw You” while picking up the pace a little more with “The Last Stop” and taking off to an R&B feel on “Here We Go,” and “Feels So Go.”  The party gets started so have your dancing shoes ready when William’s version of a disco classic “Shame” and “The Things (Remix).” The set closes and gives way to beautiful “Bolivian Nights” the perfect end to an enjoyable evening.  The second half of “Everything & More,” concentrates on matters of the heart and soul.  Leading off with “Between Friends,” a slow groove couples Rod’s soprano with the muted trumpet and an easy friendship develops. The title track “Everything & More” gives you more of an insight into where Williams’ love of music comes from with his sopranos’ sweet voice and keyboard singing of their desire.  Then haunts you with “When Love Goes,” “Just Wanna Play for You,” “I Keep Fallin,” and “Bliss” reminds everyone that love is worth the trouble as Rod persuades you to fall in love again with his soulful yearnings.  Finally enjoy stopping for a visit to the funky side of life. “Donnie’s Groove,” “Franklin Park,” and “Funk This,” are the perfect accompaniment to a Saturday afternoon gathering and as your time with Rod comes to an end, “Just Chillin” urges you to hang out just a little longer.  The final cut, “Must Be the Music,” blends voices, rhythms, dark tones of soul, funk, jazz and brings to a close “Everything & More” providing just what you need to escape for a short vacation. So kick back, relax, and leave the itinerary to Rod. ” - L.A. Jones

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